Plodding along 

Even though I haven't been doing the training, I've still been hitting the gym! & trying to keep in shape I'll get back to it though

hair dayyyz

i want my hair to be white blonde, not too much so its still natural but its come out a bit ginger from the hairdressers monday, she said it will take time. majority is fine just the occasional highlight is more 'honey' blonde. not what i was going for. hopefully the purple shampoo being left... Continue Reading →

Dear darlin

i would never cheat. you have to understand that. All these times you ask who this boy is or that boy, ask who the guys liking my photos are. They're no one. i'm with you and i haven't, don't and will never look at another boy so long as i am with you. you are... Continue Reading →


You never get over mental illness. No matter what, no matter how much better i get, there are triggers and they push me over the edge. I need to sort things out and do everything i can to make sure those triggers aren't activated. or are as little as possible. I don't know if it... Continue Reading →

letting my emotions take over

Sometimes i think i over react. Steve and family and college and work. I take things too personally. I saw Steve like a photo and went mental and i was so worried and upset because it brought up everything from finding out he liked that girls selfie. I shouldn't have gotten that upset about it... Continue Reading →


My first boyfriend was the love of my life. I couldn't have asked for anyone better than him. He loved me and took care of me, i would regularly wake up or go to sleep to iMessages so long you had to click on them to be able to read all of them. We drifted... Continue Reading →

I’m not going anywhere.

I feel like I'm always just waiting for time to pass. College is going so slowly. I don't see why i am doing the course other than to be able to go to uni if i decide to and show the smart arse bitches in my class they need to get off their high horse.... Continue Reading →


why am i being ignored? i've done nothing. i didn't do anything. i feel uncomfortable when he sexts me. i dont know what to say or how to react. im not good at it. i have 0 confidence. i cant satisfy him. i wish i were able to be sexy and give him what he... Continue Reading →

is this real or fake?

I feel happy. But as soon as I'm alone i don't know if it's real. i feel like im putting on a face half of the time, and the rest is where i really am. i dont know how to fix it. i dont know if my boyfriend is changing me, the way i dress... Continue Reading →

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