gets to me

I feel so much stress and pressure over money. being able to afford things and do things with friends and pay my bills. its all so much work and does stress me more than anything.

im 19 and shouldn’t have all of this upset and worry. but i feel like i’m working my arse off for nothing. I’m living pay check to pay check and its not getting any better. i need to start saving and i am trying to. Its the hardest thing though trying to save money. i just think i need to get my passport done, this that and the other done, but then i think £5 here and there doesn’t matter, let me tell you, it does.

my friends say i over spend or im tight with money. like there is no middle ground. but i get so stressed over it behind closed doors. like i cant cope and cry and cry and cry. i want to change jobs but then i think i wont be able to afford anything.

at the moment my bills are so high, and it is a lot of stress. but then i need to take on my dogs insurance again and that will go through the roof. i’ll be paying almost £300 a month in bills.

Sofa – which i wouldnt have if it weren’t for adam being a cock. This fucks me off. like it makes me so angry. but i love my sofa. it just angers me that he promised i would always be able to pay things and then screwed me over so badly. i will be paying that for two years. TWO YEARS EVERY MONTH. thats okay if i were using it and living with it like i was meant to be.

Then my car insurance which will hopefully go down.

Road tax

Spotify (gotta have it, i don’t use it much but otherwise when i do it just annoys me) but i literally just signed up for the student one so at least for a year now ill have it half price.

my little pugs pet plan too which is needed

Then i’m meant to be taking on as soon as i can, my dogs insurance which my mum pays to help me out, and then my phone bill aswell.


Does anyone else get this worked up and upset over money?!


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