Everyone says just brush it off. but i can’t. im such an embaresment.

i got drunk and told my boyfriends best mates fiance all about my depression and how fucking sad my life was, how ive overdosed and cut myself. how i wear a watch to cover a scar. hey, its ok now. it was the smallest scar you cant see it now. but i cant say that to her because then i look like i was being all dramatic. I WAS. i was so drunk.

at the time it was bad like i sat on the curb outside my house carving away with a blunt kitchen knife, i bled quite a bit but it wasnt enough to scar, hell i had that knife all over the place with how much i was crying.

i basically made a drama of myself and now im like KILL ME. Back at that place again. its made my depression and anexity so much worse. i dont like them knowing i had an abortion or anything. what if they judge me. she said she doesnt and i obviously just needed to talk and get things out. Bloody hell though i shouldnt have. if i ever do get pregnant by accident before the time is right she will think im doing it on purpose.

Any why did i tell her about my ex’s penis. why. I was saying how good steve is in bed because she asked about scratches on his back. but fucking hell why did i have to compare to my ex. WHY. She hadnt drunk enough, she will remember the whole night.

She will.

How the fuck do i fix this without looking more pathetic.


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