You know when you work for a big company in a job thats never really going to progress, and you’re just not sure you’re happy. thats me. I’ve had once day off yesterday. thats my third day off since starting. I’ve been here 4 months and apparently now thats cause for concern. because of my 2 day a week contract my absence is high but in reality i’m working 4-5 shifts a week. It takes the piss. and i don’t have any choice to go down to what i’m scheduled to work in my contract. As they don’t have enough staff to fill the gaps. ITS A JOKE. and i’m the one suffering for it. i only get the amount of days off you do for a 2 days a week staff member. i only get the benefits of if i worked 2 days a week. Life is shit.

So i got into uni as well. so i need to decide on that. What one to go to? i think i’ve decided that. now its if i go or not. the thing is i know i have no clue what i want to do in the future. i don’t have the foggiest. i think i want to work in a nursery. but i’m not 100% sure. either way i need to be doing something that pays my bills.

since the ruckus because of my day off its basically been decided i cant have the contract that is 4 shifts a week. because apparently i’m too ill. even though i already do four shifts a week. PISS TAKERS. so i think i need to fins some other work. i think for the time being i’m going to volunteer in a nursery with kids. and then when the time is right i will apply and hopefully move to work in a nursery. i don’t know if i will need to do an apprenticeship or not is the only thing. bloody hope not as i couldn’t really with how bad the pay is for that.

who knows? does anyone really know what they want to do for the rest of their life at 19 though?



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