my boyfriends said i don’t need to be insecure. but in saying it he’s made me insecure when i wasn’t before.

He said that i don’t have anything to worry about if he texts another girl. because its just friendly not flirty.

he says how he wouldn’t cheat on me. How even if the relationship were awful he would end it and do things the right way.

How de doesn’t want to break up.


So does he text other girls then? i didn’t think he did. Does he think about breaking up? because i didn’t think that we thought of that. I don’t understand anything any more. I thought we were on a good path.

Update: he’s confirmed he doesn’t text girls, this is only in social situations. when his friends girlfriend have their friends over etc without me there. they may be photographed together etc but it’s only on a social basis there is no flirting.

Why did he say all that then and confuse me. hell i text him like wow maybe we need to take a step back from this relationship while you figure out what message you want to send me. one minuet i don’t talk to any girls you shouldn’t talk to any boys, the next its oh i do text girls but only as friends?! luckily the first message was all there was.


He says i’m too insecure but the only time i worry or am insecure is when he doesn’t explain things properly or i worry because i’m not worrying and i just stressed that i trust him too much.


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