Topshop Haul

So I haven’t been shopping in such a long time and just decided to hit the stores. There is a new Primark in the town where i live. Which happens to be next to Topshop!

Primark is somewhere i’m always skeptical about since i would always pay more for the quality items rather than buy more cheaper items.  I had previously only ever brought throws for my sofa and hairbands there but yesterday i took the plunge and got a maxi skirt, work trousers, work shoes and some underwear. Just some boring granny panties, ballet flats and black work trousers are things i didn’t think you could go wrong with when they’re so cheap. The maxi skirt was the main item i brought and this was risky, i’ll have to see if i have the confidence to wear it, since i don’t know if i can actually do the maxi style.

When in Primark you have to buy bed sheets so of course i got a cute new set. Although recently, with moving back out with my boyfriend on my mind, items like bed sheets, i like to make sure are girly but still applicable  for a couple. Best to be prepared!


Now on to Topshop! Who doesn’t love a little Topshop? It’s always my go to after ASOS. So lets get excited. I went on this shopping spree with my mumma, and when we walked in we were both immediately drawn to this dress…

Now if you’ve been with me for a while, you may know I have about 5000 weddings to go to this summer as my mans plus one. We thought this dress would be perfect. I honestly hadn’t seen the online photos until I had gotten home and already tried on the dress. The photos do not do it justice. At all! Its a midi dress but due to its wrapped front it acts as a kind of slit while also keeping you very modest. if you hold one side and want to peep a little leg you can, but keeping it hanging keeps you covered nicely.

The wrapped front also gives you the option of deciding how tightly you would like to wrap the dress. I love this feature because i love dresses to hug me under my bust. This shows off my figure but it doesn’t hug my non – existent bum. The Top of the dress also somehow still looks classy and works with my body ( i wont lie i was worried, being part of the IttyBittyTittyCommittee) even though it has such a plunging neck line.

My net purchase of the day were some wardrobe staples.

Yes i got both black and white. Why not when its 2 for £10. These tops are my absolute favourite, i think i buy them every time a new version comes out! They go great with high wasted items, especially coloured shorts or skirts, they keep the top half simple and are just so easy to throw on!

My final purchase yesterday had to be this cute little girly top in a light lilac colour. I brought this for a BBQ my boyfriend is hosting for all of his friends and their other halves.

I’m thinking it will be perfect teamed with a pair of black skinnies and some healed sandals. Again,  Topshop what the hell are you doing with your models!? nothing about these photos actually make me want to buy the top!!!


After shopping yesterday, I was a little heart broken i didn’t buy a denim skirt, since this is an item I believe will be a staple in my wardrobe this summer and can be either dressed up or dressed down. So of course when I went online and saw there was 20% Student discount allowance for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. I obviously had to jump on that!

I am just so excited to wear this. Although it does look a little short so after ordering an 8 i will have to see if it fits. Another thing i am concerned about are the rips, i adore how you can see your skin through it as it gives a pop of colour through the skirt and also is a bit cheeky and revealing. Although i hope when  get the skirt the one at the back isn’t able to be seen through. What if they see my granny panties?! not sexy.


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