Every time i post i'm either over the moon or heart broken. there is never an in between. I have one friend. No one else i ever feel has truly been there for me and cared for me. Im continuously putting in effort and trying my hardest to be the best friend i could be... Continue Reading →

gets to me

I feel so much stress and pressure over money. being able to afford things and do things with friends and pay my bills. its all so much work and does stress me more than anything. im 19 and shouldn't have all of this upset and worry. but i feel like i'm working my arse off... Continue Reading →

This isn’t funny anymore 

I know what I want and I know how much I want it. It's not even that I want it or pictured that life but I fell into it and love him so much it's worth it and has become what I want. I wouldn't change it.  But sometimes I just don't want to do... Continue Reading →


Everyone says just brush it off. but i can't. im such an embaresment. i got drunk and told my boyfriends best mates fiance all about my depression and how fucking sad my life was, how ive overdosed and cut myself. how i wear a watch to cover a scar. hey, its ok now. it was... Continue Reading →


You know when you work for a big company in a job thats never really going to progress, and you're just not sure you're happy. thats me. I've had once day off yesterday. thats my third day off since starting. I've been here 4 months and apparently now thats cause for concern. because of my... Continue Reading →


my boyfriends said i don't need to be insecure. but in saying it he's made me insecure when i wasn't before. He said that i don't have anything to worry about if he texts another girl. because its just friendly not flirty. he says how he wouldn't cheat on me. How even if the relationship... Continue Reading →

I have my doubts

I have my doubts but no one makes me happier. No one makes me smile more. There is no one i want more when i am upset or something happens. There is no one else i could dream of wanting next to me through everything. and i know he feels the same. Fuck his family.... Continue Reading →

Topshop Haul

So I haven't been shopping in such a long time and just decided to hit the stores. There is a new Primark in the town where i live. Which happens to be next to Topshop! Primark is somewhere i'm always skeptical about since i would always pay more for the quality items rather than buy... Continue Reading →

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